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Gainsborough Cottages, Botley




Botley, Southampton

This project initially comprised of the construction of the area shaded in red (see plan image below). However it evolved due to customer requirements eventually encompassing a full heating upgrade including new boiler, new pipework, radiators and thermostats.

The aim of the project was to create a larger lighter open plan type kitchen.

Assisted by some great weather, from first putting a bucket in the ground to finishing the roof took 12 days.

We also assisted our client with providing access to our supplier accounts so he could purchase his kitchen at trade rates.
The above 3D renders were produced from his design by Adam Hague and his team at Benchmarx Kitchens, Fareham.

Internal boarding and plastering carried out by Andy Mitchell and his team at EcoBright Plastering.
Always happy to deliver separate packages for clients so if you want nothing more than plastering that is fine with us.

Contact Andy on 07835 711896 to discuss your requirements.

“Chris’s initial estimate on how long it would take to build our extension seemed slightly ambitious at best, and we treated it with some scepticism, however after speaking to some previous clients it seemed he might actually be able to deliver.
To demolish the old building and build the new one to watertight took just 12 days. We were impressed with the organisation and efficiency of Chris and his team, but the speed of work to deliver such a quality build is what amazed us most.
I’d happily recommend Ecobright to anyone, and they would be my first choice for any further work”


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